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Family is a very important teenager, but they can’t live without it. Because of the constant pressure to grow and become someone else, it is easy to know what is really.

1) Friendship
Teenage friendships are about the meaning of things and the feelings of being valued. Friendship provides security and comfort. It provides information on changes made physically and emotionally. It is a great support. Learning good friendship skills can help you socialize, feel happy and confident, and avoid peer relationships. It is important that you keep yourself away from bad girls and toxic friends. This friendship inspired a lifetime. Maintain a good relationship with your parents. Avoid individual chatting and keep group chatting. Friendship affects our lives. We respect and guard ourselves. You respect yourself, others respect you,.

2) Love
Don’t try to plan for the rest of your life, friends will come and go. Avoid making friends with strangers.

3) Changes in the body
If you have any doubts about the changes in your body, talk to your parents. During this time, adolescents go through significant, natural and healthy changes, both physical, mental and emotional.

4) Diary writing
You will discover new things every day so keep writing diaries and stories. It helps to stop thinking excessively, stimulating memory, self-reflection, and mimicking creativity. You need to write down your aspirations, expectations, and future. Talk about your bad day. A dream project where you want to create a reality details about the person you broke up with.

5) Emotions
Building your self-confidence and self-esteem Anger can mask other emotions and respect your different perspectives. Become a role model. We become more proficient in understanding emotions. Everyone can learn more about their feelings. This is the first step in developing emotional intelligence, a skill that helps people to succeed in life. Be honest with your feelings.

6) Maintaining beauty
Get the right acne products. Do not share makeup. Consider keeping your makeup simple. Beauty is contained in your natural property. Beauty is self-confidence, self-confidence.

7) Decision
Life will affect your life in the years to come when it comes to choices and decisions made by your teens today. Make sure you have good relationships. It is essential that you respect your parents and communicate with them. Avoid dubious decisions.

8) Social media
Social media is an important component of social and creative life. This can ruin your mental health in certain situations. You need to be prepared to respond to the dangers of social media. Frequent use of social media can adversely affect your health through inadequate sleep and physical activity. It can increase feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness. Take full control of your social media uses. Keep your life productive.

9) Food
When teen mares eat a healthy diet. Teens should always eat breakfast and limit junk food and soft drinks. It is important to eat a well-balanced diet. Iron deficiency anemia, which is more common in teenage girls.

10) Learn to say no
To react firmly to strangers and stay safe. The teen will be in a constant battle. When a child realizes that he can say no to a more important situation.

11) Judgment
When you are a teen killer, you want to talk, be completely positive, give no solutions, avoid attention and tools, criticize, judge.

12) Education
Education promotes self-esteem and uplifts the status of women. They can fight against social evils. Education provides not only knowledge but also strength and awareness about one’s own life that will benefit one throughout life. Study well now.

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